Ways we help

Case Management

One of the biggest roles SFTS plays is in providing case management for the homeless. We meet the homeless client where he or she is at and manage their progress from start to finish. 

Nevada ID's

Did you know that if a homeless person doesn't have a Nevada ID they're unable to access many programs and services that offer support? SFTS helps obtain the ID's for them. 

Bus passes

Often times the homeless have trouble getting to where many support services are. We provide bus passes to help access services available, get to job interviews, or other needs.  


The Veteran homeless population is a real concern. Veterans have special programs available to them but often have trouble accessing them or even knowing about them. We help connect them with the available services. 

Mental Health

A lot of the homeless population have mental illness issues. We have social workers who volunteer with us that will make the right assessment for those individuals and then SFTS will ensure they get connected with the help they need. 


SFTS works with many other organizations and non-profits across the valley to ensure the homeless get the right support and back on their feet. We believe that together, we can make affect change.