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Linda Lera Randle-El

Linda Lera-Randle El stood as a beacon of light for the homeless in Southern Nevada, advocating for job training, community outreach, Social Security benefits and decent housing for the downtrodden.

Lera-Randle El has been credited with bringing volunteer street outreach to the forefront of homeless services. Since then, other charitable groups and agencies, inspired by Lera-Randle El's efforts, have followed her example by reaching out to the homeless instead of waiting for poor people to come to them.

Lera-Randle El often called her method of operation “the street wise, no nonsense” approach to addressing homelessness and poverty. Linda passed away in October 2014 at the age of 64. Her husband, Thomas, continues her legacy and serves as the Executive Director for Straight From the Streets. 


Our History

Straight From the Streets was founded in 2001 by Linda Lera Randle -El and her husband, Thomas Randle-El. The founding of this organization is a direct result of the committed and dedicated work of Linda, who provided outreach service to the homeless community for almost 20 years.


Our Board of Directors

Thomas Randle-El, Co-Founder and Director

Joseph Perez, President

Kim Gahagan, Vice President

Ozzie Sedillo, Treasurer

Mary Spriggs, Secretary

Glen Stevens, Board Member

Marjorie Lough, Board Member

Leah Alvies, Board Member 

Lisa Kalkes, Board Member

Catrina Grigsby-Thedford, Board Member